I have found how important this topic is for me and its importance for my work…The relationship is part of the healing process. It is much more important than I could imagine. I will continue to explore this book and the tools with my classmates in hopes of avoiding some common pitfalls and exploring when I am in and out of the right relationship with myself and others in both my personal and professional life.

Jorge Arias, USA

It [this InnerEthics® course] has seeded deep and sweeping transformation not just of my professional parts and ways of being, but my entire system. In recognizing my own vulnerabilities and understanding how those vulnerabilities come to be and how they can cause harm, I have turned with gusto to addressing unmet needs that I had simply been letting be in an act of somewhat subconscious self-abnegation.

I’ve already been applying so much of what I’ve learned with clients. In particular, considering the Chart [Chart of Professional Vulnerabilities to Ethical Misconduct] to myself throughout the work, asking myself, “Who’s This For?” and considering the balance of Protection, Permission, and Connection.

Nicki Cowan, USA

I have now a different approach to Ethics, one that is more profound, more meaningful and that makes me feel excited. I really think it will be the foundation of my practice…. I got very excited when I realized you were going to be my teacher, I’m very grateful for it. Your classes were wonderful.

Carmen Perez, MEXICO

I will use this to maintain integrity while working with clients. This is a real ethics course and it was so meaningful.

Jorge Padron, CUBA

[I became] clearer about how to be the best therapist I can be and how the right relationship should be.

Tobias Klose, ICELAND

The course was better than any course I’ve taken in my graduate education by far. I would genuinely look forward to what I was going to learn each class.

Ramon Aleman, USA

It [this InnerEthics® course] has given me a totally different perspective on how I view Ethics and how I see myself as a therapist. This class has made me consciously look at my practice and I am already using the ‘Chart of Vulnerabilities to Unethical Behaviour’ and the C-DEEPEN tool with current clients, when necessary.

I have also opened up discussions with colleagues during peer group sessions and introduced some of the tools to them when ethical issues arise…. This course went way beyond what I imagined it to be. What I have learnt will stay with me forever and I know I will revisit the book and the learnings on a regular basis.

Felicity Hay, AUSTRALIA

“InnerEthics” is one of my major takeaways from the course. I also really appreciated the C-DEEPEN tool, PP&C, and discussing the vignettes with my small group. I am already applying these tools as a therapist and am reflecting on my fears, desires, and longings from the Chart of Professional Vulnerabilities.

Alyona Kobevka, AUSTRALIA

This course offered deep reflection of self and profound ways to navigate challenging situations. I hope to put these tools to practice and find more ease with them as they seem to be the relational foundation to self, others, sacred containers, and professional spaces.

It’s truly a game changer in how we can perceive authentic caring. Rather than throwing darts at ourselves, in the event of an ethical misstep, these tools offer ways to gracefully course-correct to being in right relationship with ourselves and others. I am beyond grateful for these teachings.

Nanette Sullano, USA

[I have gained] that being in right relationship is an intentional, on-going process. I plan to be more intentional and continually self-assess. Assessing my vulnerabilities highlighted areas where I may not be in right relationship, even with good intentions.

Kimberly Lee, USA

You have given us a wealth of valuable information that will take a considerable amount of time to integrate. I have enjoyed the depth and breadth of topics covered and only find myself wishing we had more time to explore and discuss this all together.

Shane Alexander, USA

It is very clear that a great deal of thought was put into designing this module, and it was apparent in the lectures, slides, homework, discussion questions and group exercises. I found that these tools allow a therapist to examine ethical dilemmas as opportunities to grow & develop rather than punish & judge.

This module was very structured and engaging for the learner and brought a topic that might be perceived as dry & boring to become alive, engaging, and practical. I personally loved your teaching style! Your tremendous experience & passion were the critical ingredients that have made all the difference! THANK YOU!

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Lama ElKhaldi, CANADA