David at Vital Psychedelic Conversations with Kylea Taylor: M.S., LMFT and Shabina Hale,Therapist. Topics: How practitioners and facilitators define ethics; power dynamics; accountability; how the energy in a session is transferable and can bring up shadow elements for both parties; the need to be honest about one’s own scope of competence. founding member Angela Ward and Kylea Taylor discuss holding space in non-ordinary states, the inner healer, how InnerEthics® honors the vulnerability, sensitivity, and suggestibility of profound states, the value of community, the role of nurses in the future of psychedelic therapy/research.
Kyle Buller at Vital Psychedelic Conversations interviews Kylea Taylor about InnerEthics®, spiritual emergency, integration of extraordinary states, value of peer supervision, evolution of the psychedelic-assisted therapy movement, informed consent, dream states.
Jason Grechanik at Universe Within, Episode 59 interviews Kylea Taylor on InnerEthics® and Where the Psychedelic Movement is Headed.
Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump interviews Kylea Taylor about a range of topics related to InnerEthics®, paradigm shifts, and extraordinary states.

Lara Tambacopoulou interviews Kylea Taylor about InnerEthics® and Right Relationship. Listen here.