Online Courses

Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic Therapy

Offered in partnership with Psychedelic Support Education.
CE Certificate (2 hours) for each course.

Self-paced video courses designed for psychologists, therapists, mentors, physicians, medical professionals, bodyworkers, teachers, and guides interested in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or in assisting clients with the integration of profound experiences.

Relationship is at the heart of healing, and it is ethics that is at the heart of any healing relationship. An ethical relationship is one a client can trust. ~ Kylea Taylor, LMFT

Peer Consultation Groups: Supporting Ethical Alertness in Community (Ethics 103)

Therapists and practitioners use the structure of an InnerEthics® Peer Consultation Group to create a safe-enough container where they can serve one another by taking turns in the roles of a consultation. Topics include a Peer Consultation Group with Role Play demonstration, trust building, skill-building, ethical learning, and more.