InnerEthics™ Consulting

If you are making a contribution to the lives of others — as a leader, a mentor, an employer, an educator, or a mental health or medical professional — and you are facing an ethical challenge in your relationships with colleagues or clients, I’d like to help you gain insight about what is going on. Together we can generate some ideas and a direction for how you want to proceed.

My area of ethics expertise are the conscious impulses and unconscious motivations and projections that can draw us into unethical behavior. As a consultant and your ally, I help you review your goals and intentions to return to “right relationship” in your particular case.

Using the InnerEthics™ Model

We would begin by reviewing what you know about the relationship and the situation. We would invite your own non-judgmental self-compassion to our consultation, and from that place use the InnerEthics™ approach to guide your self-inquiry and decision-making going forward. Our focus is to prevent ethical missteps and repair, as necessary, specific relationships with clients and students.

The InnerEthics™ model evolved from my experience doing facilitating and training with people who were in profound, what I call “extra-ordinary”, states of consciousness. I discovered that many of us are more vulnerable to ethical missteps when we are working with people in these states and may be drawn unaware into a “sub-cortical state” ourselves. When in that place, we are more vulnerable to behavior based on our own semi-conscious or unconscious impulses, longings, desires, and fears.

I learned from the mistakes I made myself or watched others making. I found that preventing harm and creating greater benefit in our relationships is possible if we are willing to look at ourselves compassionately, share and learn from our missteps, and discover self-knowledge and skills that we can then apply to all our future relationships.

Consultations are available by telephone or via video conferencing.

Note: I am currently doing only a very limited amount of consulting due to my teaching schedule. [August 2021]

Who Can Benefit

  • Mental Health Professionals – therapists, group facilitators, and counselors
  • Educators – teachers, professors, mentors and students
  • Medical and wellness professionals – doctors, nurses, hospice, supervisors, bodyworkers, hypnotherapists
  • Spiritual and Alternative Communities leaders and members
  • New Paradigm company managers and employees

Examples of Consultation Topics & Goals

The presence or absence of right relationship affects all professional results and determines whether there is to be benefit or harm from the relationship.

Here are some examples of ethical issues that can be addressed in a consultation:

  1. Integration of personal experiences in extraordinary states into “ordinary” life
  2. An ethical issue that involves countertransference
  3. An ethical issue within a group or a community
  4. “Right Relationship” in leadership, mentorship, and group facilitation
  5. An ethical issue involving a colleague
  6. Organizational issues of “ethical fading,” truth telling, and ethics codes
  7. Issues encountered when working with clients in extra-ordinary states, such as when using psychedelic and entheogenic medicines or doing breathwork

Prevent client harm by ethical misconduct by:

  • Learning when to do self-inquiry and/or get supervision
  • Engaging self-compassion
  • Identifying particular vulnerabilities to countertransference
  • Understanding how unconscious material arises when working with clients in ​profound states of consciousness​
  • Learning about the situations (such as, dual relationship or transference, etc.) in which ethical missteps are more likely to occur

​Increase client benefit by:

  • Decreasing fear of the clients’ profound states
  • ​​Identifying own needs, fears, desires, and longings​
  • ​Choosing self-care that is outside the client or student relationship
  • Making choices that are in the best interests of the client

How to Arrange a Consultation

Options: Consultations are available by telephone or via video conferencing.

Send me an email explaining in general terms what you would like to talk about. I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours, and we’ll set a time to talk. Contact me here.

Fee Payment Options: Check, Zelle (to, PayPal (to, or credit card through PayPal.

The organization, the theory received and the group dynamics were very well organized. That is why I would recommend it. ~Agnes, España (Spain)