Ethical Right Relationship Is at the Heart of Healing.

What Is InnerEthics™?

  • An inner, complementary approach to ethics education, to traditional, external codes, rules, laws and standards, to help us guide our ethical behavior
  • A model encouraging compassionate self-reflection on our own motivations
  • A set of concepts and practical tools that help us to know and support ourselves in right relationship
  • Professional development that also helps us in our ordinary lives with personal relationships

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Ethics is about relationship. It is about the inner relationships of our values to actions. … Ethics is about how we view and treat “the other” in our personal and professional communities. Ethics is the process by which we sort out what best creates inner and outer harmony in our lives and in the lives of those we care for. ~ Kylea Taylor, LMFT

The Ethics of Caring Book

The Ethics of Caring Book

This unique and widely recommended text complements standard ethics texts by helping the student or professional find right relationship with a client. The Ethics of Caring helps us explore the ethical issues pertaining to feelings and motivations which resonate at our very core.

The Ethics of Caring is written for students and practicing professionals: therapists, educators, medical professionals, hypnotherapists, bodyworkers, hospice workers, clergy and other professional caregivers.

When we engage in self-reflection to know better our own motivations, we reduce client harm and increase client benefit. Read more >

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The Ethics of Caring is an extraordinarily helpful and groundbreaking new book for healers, clergy, therapists, and bodyworkers that illuminates what is necessary to offer wise and trustworthy relations to their clients.” ~ Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., Author of A Wise Heart, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, and A Path with Heart.

The work with non-ordinary states of consciousness brings specific new challenges and problems that go beyond those encountered in traditional verbal and experiential approaches. Kylea Taylor’s book is a pioneering venture into these new territories, providing important guidelines for practitioners and students.” ~ Stanislav Grof, M.D., Author of Psychology of the Future, Realms of the Human Unconscious, and The Adventure of Self Discovery

I want to highly recommend Kylea’s book, The Ethics of Caring. It is truly in a class by itself in the literature on ethics in therapy…It combines the rigors of professionalism with a deep and complex understanding of the human heart, soul, and mind. It really is an important book. If you are a professor or teacher you might want to consider it as required reading.” ~ Sara Wright, Ph.D., Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist

Kylea’s book is fantastic. I’m getting so much from her approach in terms of my coaching. I’m noticing where I’m in danger of veering into unethical territory. It’s very confronting and making me ask tough questions to myself about this work and how I can truly serve the people I’m working with in a deeper way.” ~ Training Participant

InnerEthics™ Consulting

If you are making a contribution to the lives of others — as a leader, a mentor, an employer, an educator, or a mental health or medical professional — and you are facing an ethical challenge in your relationships with colleagues or clients, Kylea can help you gain insight about what is going on. Together you can generate some ideas and a direction for how you want to proceed. Consultations are available by telephone or via video conferencing. Read more >

The lecture slides were excellent info. Situations and role-play were very useful exercises. The insights that I gained from Kylea’s lecture and exercises allowed me to see deeper implications of the ethical issues I confront every day in my therapy practice and often in Holotropic Breathwork®. I will be a better therapist going forward. ~ Training Participant

InnerEthics™ Trainings

Kylea Taylor has taught courses and made presentations for Marriage and Family Therapists, therapists studying to be psychedelic therapists, students training to be breathwork facilitators, and for the Association of Pre-and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

InnerEthics™ is being taught to students and professionals who will be using this self-reflection method themselves. It can also be taught to presenters, those who want to add this method to their existing methods of ethics education. Teaching materials for InnerEthics™ are in development. Contact Kylea Taylor for further information.

Note: I am currently doing only a very limited amount of consulting due to my teaching schedule. [August 2021]

Students and professionals can also learn and use this self-reflective method themselves [See Taylor, K. (2017). The Ethics of Caring].

Kylea Taylor on InnerEthics™ and Where the Psychedelic Movement is Headed 6:40

Upcoming Events

August 7, 2021  “InnerEthics™ in Extra-Ordinary States of Consciousness”. Integrative Psychology. Australia. Online.

An introduction to the elements and tools of InnerEthics™, a self-reflective, self-compassionate approach to right relationship with clients.

August 13 – October 8, 2021 — “The Ethics of Care”— A 10-week Online Course

Kylea Taylor, MS, LMFT, will present the fundamentals of the InnerEthics™ method which is based on her book The Ethics of Caring (2017) as a Spring Semester course in the Onca Foundation Psychedelic Therapy Training Program. The program will provide didactic and experiential exploration of this internal approach to achieving and maintaining ethical Right Relationship with clients, patients, and students. Kylea studied with Stanislav Grof for several decades and has been a Senior Trainer in the Grof Transpersonal Training since 1990. Visit Onca Foundation Psychedelic Therapy Training Program

December 18, 2021 — “The InnerEthics™ Method”

A presentation for Neurodynamic Breathwork Training of the basics elements and tools of the InnerEthics™ method and a structure for peer supervision groups. Visit Neurodynamic Breathwork Training Program

Featured Article

Ethical Considerations for Psychedelic Work with Women

“The basis of professional ethics is to act always in the best interests of the client. Yet in our work using psychedelics, what is best for the client is not always simple to discern, especially when we have unconscious assumptions or motivations. Unexamined attitudes from mainstream culture may influence our interactions with women clients.” This article appears in the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Spring Bulletin. Read more >