Right Relationship

InnerEthics® uses the term “in Right Relationship” to describe when a caregiving relationship is “in the zone”— the situation where nothing in the caregiver or the therapeutic container is getting in the way of the client’s healing or growth. Instead, the caregiver’s presence is providing a safe, encouraging space for the client’s safe self-expansion.

This “Right Relationship” concept has its precedence in the mindful use by Buddhists of terms like “Right Livelihood,” which means earning one’s livelihood without harm to others.

As professionals we must formulate our own inner ethical code of what generally constitutes “Right Relationship” to a client. We also have to navigate to find “Right Relationship” in every relationship anew, even in a moment-by-moment way, as each relationship evolves.

In a caregiver relationship, it is relationship itself that is at the heart of healing. And ethics is at the heart of any healing relationship. ~ Kylea Taylor, LMFT

How do we find Right Relationship?

Willingness is the key to knowing ourselves, which is the key to making wise choices.

When we can courageously examine our hidden motivations, fears, desires, and even our spiritual longings with self-compassion, we can learn and change, when necessary, and make choices truly in a client’s best interests. The more we know ourselves, the more we can make conscious choices that will do less harm and provide more benefit to clients.

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