InnerEthics® & Right Relationship

Inner Ethics® provides a reflective, compassionate, and transpersonal approach to being in Right Relationship with ourselves, our clients, and in community with others. InnerEthics® is an inner, complementary approach to ethics education, to traditional, external codes, rules, laws, and standards, to help us guide our ethical behavior. >>>

Right Relationship

InnerEthics® uses the term “in Right Relationship” to describe when a caregiving relationship is “in the zone”— the situation where nothing in the caregiver or the therapeutic container is getting in the way of the client’s healing or growth. Instead, the caregiver’s presence is providing a safe, encouraging space for the client’s safe self-expansion. This… Continue reading Right Relationship

Everyday Ethics

Everyone is the “Responsible Party” sometimes Most people are interested in how to interact with others in “right relationship” even if they are not paid caregivers. People just want to do better in relationships. They want to study everyday ethics to clarify their motivations, consider their actions self-compassionately and acquire tools that will help them… Continue reading Everyday Ethics